Commercial carpet designed for circularity

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Royal DSM, a global science-based company active in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living, today announced that DSM-Niaga launches the Again™ carpet collection. Again™ is a commercial broadloom carpet designed for circularity and is specifically meant for office use. The carpet is unique in two ways. It is made of recycled materials and it can be recycled into new carpet after use. What’s more, it meets commercial carpet highest quality standards. Products made with Niaga® technology are simple, clean and reversible thanks to our proprietary click-unclick adhesive. They contribute to healthy living and working environments.  Again™ commercial office carpet is distinctively marked by our Niaga® tag and is our latest innovation designed for circularity. 

In Europe alone, 1.6 billion tons of carpet is trashed annually, 95% of which ends up in landfill and incineration. Again™ is an answer to this dire situation.

Again™ commercial carpet has been designed for circularity with Niaga® technology. It is produced with just two materials, polyamide 6 and polyester. This makes it free of both volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and toxic flame retardants. What’s more, Again™ carpet’s face fibers and secondary backing are made of 100% recycled materials. Because of its modular design, its materials can be regained, recycled and reused, again and again. By scanning the Again™ carpet’s Niaga® tag, you gain access to an overview of the materials used to produce the carpet as well as recycling instructions.

And there is more. “Although the Again™ carpet collection is specifically designed for circularity, there are more reasons that make it special. I’m sure that facility managers will love to hear that the carpet comes with an acoustic soft backing. Also, it does not have the typical ‘new carpet smell’. What’s more, there are twenty-five beautiful colors to select from, so it will be easy to find a color that matches the office style,” emphasizes Chantal Jörissen, Product Marketing Director at DSM-Niaga.

The Again™ collection shows that it is possible to design a commercial carpet for circularity and still meet the market’s highest standards. “Together with our partners, we are demonstrating that closing the loop within the value chain is actually possible,” highlights Kelly Hall, Managing Director at DSM-Niaga. “We believe within the value chain we should radically change our mindset in order to design out waste and safeguard valuable materials. This is how we contribute to a better future for both people and planet.´

Niaga® is a purpose-driven DSM brand, redesigning products in partnerships to future-proof value chains and industries. Together with our partners we aim to design out waste and create healthy living and working environments. The designs of the future are simple, clean and reversible. Products that carry a Niaga® tag have been designed and produced based on the principles of simplicity, clean materials and reversible connections. Scanning the Niaga® tag provides insight in the materials used and how to actually recycle the product and close the loop. So far, we have redesigned carpet, mattresses and furniture panels. More redesigns are underway.  More information can be found at
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