Tasting compostable coffee pods

Who, what, how, when, why interview


Sarah Lim, Business Development Director at Halo Coffee.

WHAT did you do ?

After graduating from university, rather than taking the tried and tested route of joining a Graduate programme, I decided to start my career in a more unusual manner. I went on a search for companies I thought deserved to exist that is to say, companies who are doing meaningful things that are changing the world for good. I found Halo in its infancy and have driven the brand forward, delivering cutting edge compostable technology to the homes of eco-conscious coffee lovers through an impactful digital business style. We’re now a successful eco-coffee pod business, creating great tasting compostable coffee pods, suitable for domestic composting.

HOW did you do it?

I actually joined the company in a more junior role. However, as one of Halo’s first employees, I was given a great deal of responsibility early on. With this, I was able to prove my passion and determination for Halo as well as my ability to drive the Halo vision. As a result, I have progressed into the position of managing the day-to-day running of the business. I am proud of where we’ve come as a serious e-commerce business with a focus on a solid digital presence. 

WHEN did you start your company?

I joined Halo at the end of 2017. This was after Halo’s soft launch in February 2017 when we tested the market and proved that there was a real interest in a sustainable alternative for coffee capsules.

WHY are you innovating with this product or service?

We’re in a climate emergency! Not only is our world warming at a dangerous rate, but our land and oceans are saturated with plastic waste which has disastrous implications for our ecosystems and wildlife. The coffee pod industry accounts for a huge portion of this plastic waste with about 90,000 capsules dumped into landfill sites per minute.

We’ve created a compostable pod that can be discarded at home and degrades in as little as 28 days into a natural fertiliser. This will reduce the amount of coffee pods rotting in landfill to 0.

WHERE are you from?

I was born in Malaysia but am ethnically Chinese. However, I now live in London. I first came to the UK for school, originally settling in Shropshire, and then moving to Scotland for Uni. From there, London was the natural next step.

Industry : Food/Drink.

Social Media: 

Twitter: @HALO_Coffee

Facebook: @HaloCoffeeltd

Instagram: @HALO_Coffee_co