Glam bringer Stephanie Tagbo Chinasa

Nigerian chemical engineer turned stylist and makeup artist

Passion is a strong, uncontrollable feeling that drives, pilots, and somewhat determines the paths we take in our careers and lives.

For some, their path is decided by their passion, they fall hopelessly in love with an aspect of creative art, fashion, medicine, sports etc., and they begin to develop these talents as they grow and continue on that path their whole life. For others, these passions and talents lurk around somewhere within them as they grow. It is sometimes suppressed, disallowed, or simply not pursued for a long time, and then it explodes when it can no longer be kept hidden.

Alluring engineer, Stephanie Tagbo, has had the greatest adventure of all. She fell in love with makeup as a child, and she also loved to be dolled up from a tender age.

“[I have been] into makeup for as long as I can remember. I also loved dressing up as a kid,” she shares.

“I always played around with makeup, funny thing, I learnt to do makeup on my own, I never went through any formal training or learned to do makeup by watching YouTube videos."

A tall glam is everyone’s expectation from a stylist, whether it’s on casual outings like a day out with friends, going to parties, simply stepping out for a bit, or more professional events like business meetings, work-related dinner parties or interviews, and even on social media pages. As a result, looking good whenever and wherever is imperative. Tagbo shows that your head-to-toe fashion game will always be unhurt as long as she is left in charge by keeping her looks simple and yet jaw-droppingly handsome in the mentioned areas and more.

A staple part of being an up-and-coming stylist is being able to pull off one style as much as any other. From a sleek and effortless transition from African traditional wear (Ankara, gele, aso-oke, laces, and so on), to old-school looks, denim, dresses, and skirts, Stephanie Tagbo is indubitably an epitome of a gracious fashion diva

I had the pleasure of speaking with the dazzling Ms. Tagbo on how she is able to juggle her career and her passion. Being both a chemical engineer and stylist/makeup artist is a career path that is very diverse, with each aspect requiring its own fair share of hard work. On one hand, chemical engineering requires a lot of mental work, time, and mastering of the elements, chemical equations, and the periodic table, not to mention the dedication that is obligatory to attain the required level of skill, training, and education. On the other hand, makeup/ styling is more fun, creative, “easy”, and definitely not chemical engineering

For the trend broker/engineer, Stephanie Tagbo, the only thing better than an exhilarating hobby is a hobby that also intermingles precisely with a formidable profession. When asked what she thinks about ditching chemical engineering for makeup and/or styling and how her career and hobby affect each other, she said, “Chemical engineering is only but a profession which does not with interfere with my hard work, so yes, I would like to practice. You have to joggle between your profession and your hobby, but thanks to God, everything is working out smoothly.”

And as for her what the future holds for the illustrious fashionista, she takes things one step at a time and hopes to expand and create a niche for herself in the industry.

“I am into all kinds of makeup, I love to play with colors, and I also love to try on different styles, so I don’t have a favorite."