Handwritten postal as a tradition

Despite Coronavirus don't forget the value of postal mail

Chinese authorities said that the 2019-nCoV the Coronavirus is increasingly acquiring the ability to transmit from person to person, so the number of infected people will increase. According to the latest information, there are already more than two thousand cases, 132 people have died.

The head of the State Committee for Healthcare of China, Ma Jiao Wa, said at a press conference in Beijing that little is known about the nature of the Coronavirus and it is difficult to predict which risks are associated with its mutation.

She added that the incubation period of the virus is from one to 14 days, however, the infected can transmit it to other people even during incubation, which was not the case during the epidemic of a severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars), in 2002-2003.

It is a nice surprise that despite the new technical capabilities, the traditional method of correspondence for some people has remained the closest and most familiar.

Besides, regular mail is used not for official correspondence only. Many find joy and pleasure within a calligraphic texts exchange.

Moreover, people decorate their messages with postcards, including handmade, which then become valuable attributes of the interiors and complement the collection of things that evoke pleasant memories.

Every little thing is important in the postal business, say people who are creative and responsible for writing letters. Starting from the perfume, which some people spray their messages, to the color of the ink and envelope. The envelope itself has not fundamentally changed since the 1820s when it was invented in England. And on May 6, 1840, the British post issued the first stamp in the world and introduced a procedure for paying for all mail.

Since then, envelopes have ceased to be cut by hand, giving the case to the machines, they began to produce millions of different shapes, colors, and designs. This also applies to stamps, which eventually found enthusiasts around the world and became not only signs of postage, but also the object of attention of a new caste of collectors - philatelists.

It appeared that on January 23, National Handwriting Day is celebrated, established at the initiative of the European Writing Association as a reminder of how unique handwriting can be, the need to practice and the peculiarities of each person’s handwriting.

It is not a big deal if you do not have anyone to write a letter to. Some went even further, and send postcards not only to relatives but also to strangers. This movement, called post crossing, has more than 300 thousand participants from 200 countries. On January 27 this year, within the framework of the project, the ten-millionth postcard was found.

Its essence is that people all over the world receive random addresses from other people. When sending a postcard to someone, the participants subsequently receive them from other people.

About the author: Melisa Marzett is a freelance writer and a big fan of writing letters even though for most people it is already yesterday's news. She writes articles about every little thing working for www.resumeperk.com at the moment. She has a prime opportunity to learn something new wherever she goes, which leaves such an unforgettable mark.