Innovation, sustainability and technology.

Latin America's only materials design show Inspiramais

Latin America's only materials design show Inspiramais, celebrates a decade of fashion incentive by reaffirming commitment to product´s with national identity, focused on innovation, sustainability and technology.

On January 14th and 15th took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Inspiramais. An event unique in its kind in Latin America, the Materials Design and Innovation Exhibit is a milestone in the history of genuinely national identity-building projects. The Exhibit is a reference point for the entire market, responsible for driving a process that involves the entire industry, serving the footwear, furniture, automotive, clothing, accessories and jewelry sectors, gathering information that unifies language and methodology for the entire fashion production chain.

With free admission for industry professionals, buyers and opinion makers, Inspiramais currently welcomes around 7 thousand visitors to see products with innovations in creation, design, sustainability and technology up close, a total of 1,000 products displayed by more than 180 companies.

“Today, we talk to the entire national industry, responsible for producing the most diverse items. We are setting a standard for globally consumed products within international trends and inserting a 'Made in Brazil' color chart with references to our cultures and regional elements, all following a consumer concept that also speaks to the world. Thus, we take Brazil to a level of excellence”, commented Ilse Guimarães, superintendent of the Brazilian Association of Leather, Footwear and Artifact Components Companies] (Assintecal), one of the entities responsible for conducting Inspiramais.

“It is possible to account the positive influence of the Exhibit in the Brazilian fashion sector in this decade. Firstly, a pattern for releases was established, where every six months’ new materials are presented, facilitating the work of designers and entrepreneurs in the creation of their collections. Inspiramais is also a platform for innovative releases, development, content and of course inspiration. Today, the Exhibit is also a reference when it comes to business across Latin America,” added Walter Rodrigues, designer, researcher and coordinator of Inspiramais Design Center.

Sustainability was the main motto of the season that brings SYNCHRONY as a keyword. The theme discusses the connectivity between the various aspects of fashion: an interpretation and reinterpretation of concepts, which contain the old and the new, a reflection of who we are and the layers that build us. Among the references used is Renaissance thinking.

“The speed of information and its decentralization and the evolutions of science and technology produce various points of view that connect in a skin-deep world, in which truths, lies, what is beautiful and what we want to hide, connect and come to light. We have never seen so many references available to people and are in the midst of a process of effervescence and the constant revision of concepts about the notion of humanity. A creative effervescence”, explained Walter Rodrigues.

SYNCHRONY was also present in the special projects of the Exhibit. Serving the footwear, furniture, automotive, clothing, accessories and jewelery sectors, in line with the season's proposal, the 2021_I Sustainability Space was created to give visibility and encouragement to works and companies that believe in sustainability as a differential for their products. Companies participating at the Space are companies with an explicit inclination for innovation and whose main theme is sustainable engagement as a product advantage, factors that enhance the search for competitiveness and quality in the national fashion market.

The Leather Preview presented the extensive work of materials research and color chart, thus translating the references for the next collections, which will use the references for the production of looks and products for the footwear, clothing, accessories, furniture, automotive and jewelry segments.

With a space of their own, Startups gain visibility and show solutions for the market, combining sustainability, social impact and innovation, and the integration of the large Brazilian and international industry - in an opportunity to exchange experience, information and business possibilities.

Focused on sustainability and technology, Inspiramais' diversified PRESENTATION SCHEDULE, composed of experienced industry professionals brings relevant issues to the entire market, for example, responsibility and commitment as a global trend, sustainable design and competitive differentials, reviving ancient techniques with sustainable appeal and new materials, intangible heritage and the journey of sustainable startups, among others.

Inspiramais is supported by Association of Leather, Footwear and Artifact Components Companies (Assintecal), Brazilian Tannery Industries Center (CICB), Brazilian Association of Furniture Industries (Abimóvel), Brazilian export and investment promotion agency (Apex-Brasil) and from some of the country's main sector entities.

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