Live like Mia Marcelle!

Who is Mia and why would you like to live like her?
Rebecca Kramer, Head Designer at Mia Marcelle Swimwear. Photo by Becky Yee

Mia is the muse of the swimwear brand Mia Marcelle.  She is the fictional character that the brand designs for, and according to head designer Rebecca Kramer, "Mia is a sexy northern California girl.  She's super confident in who she is and loves drinking her rosé wine by the pool. For the 2017 summer collection Mia is traveling to the Caribbean with her girlfriends.  So in this collection you see lots of bright colors and tropical prints, but she always holds true to the classic Americana, Northern California vibe with nautical stripes and navy."  

Mia Marcelle is a true lifestyle brand owned by Cooper Cane Vineyards, and Mia may be the only swimwear brand owned by a winery.  Did I also mention they make cigars?  When I asked about why a bikini brand makes cigars, I was told that Mia Marcelle also has men's swimwear and that the man that Mia dates would be smoking a cigar.  

I loved their collection and how they opted to really stay true to creating the lifestyle brand.  The label invited guests to live like Mia for an evening as they launched 2017 Resort Spring Summer collection. The event was held at the Raleigh Hotel pool and plenty of rosé wine flowed. Guests walked among cabanas for a laid back California vibe. Models, with flawless dewy, bronzed glowing skin and beachy, wavy hair, were positioned on three separate platforms dotted throughout the space.  

The new collection showed sophisticated silhouettes like the LOLA One Piece with the super high-cut legs that gives the suit a cheeky fun accent.  The Reina Bikini is  their best-selling suit. Celebs like Kylie Jenner have sported the super strappy two piece on the pages of Teen Vogue.  

That's not the only place you will see Mia Marcelle swimwear.  They were also fortunate  to appear in the famed Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.  Although the model isn't actually wearing the suit, an exact replica of the suit is painted on to the bare skin of  Lisa-Marie Jaftha's body.  

So if you like bikinis, rosé wine and cigars, Mia Marcelle is the brand for you.  Check out more of their collection here.

Photos by Becky Yee.

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    Mia Marcelle Swimwear, Miami Swimweek Photo by Becky Yee

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    Reina Bikini Mia Marcelle photo by Becky Yee