Runxi Wang Photography Art


Runxi Wang fashion photography. If you are looking for a statement in style, look no further. "Flashy" photographer Runxi makes colors find their true colors, so to speak. With his pleasant personality and full focus on his work, we met at the High line to talk about his desirable work. His pictures seem as if you can step right into them, like something out of the the Matrix.

Wang inherited his interest in fashion from his mother, who specialized in locating and importing even the most difficult-to-find fashion magazines from around the world. He attended the China Academy of Fine Arts, where he discovered a natural passion for everything flashy, glittery, and shiny. At first, he thought of the idea of becoming a fashion designer but quickly realized that not only his mind, but also his hands, where better fitted for the art of photography.

Wang's creations are like a futuristic print in sharp colors and have a deep breathtaking liveliness to them. Not only does he work behind the camera, he also stages the actual set up. He tries his best to put himself in the models' place, so to speak, in order to communicate how they should act in the scenario. That help is useful to save time when shooting. As a photographer, Wang realizes that his responsibility for a perfect outcome lies on both sides of the camera.

Wang is also a fashion film director. His cheerful fashionable art can be seen in magazines like Vogue China, Visionare, and Superior, among others. Give yourself the gift of getting in printable touch with Runxi Wang. To explore his work visit Runxi Wang photography at:

Runxi Wang 340 E, 23rd street. NY 10010.