The most luxurious hotel in town


Guadalajara is recognized as the birthplace of the most important and distinctive symbols of Mexico, in the rest of the world: mariachi, tequila and, of course, the charreria. Within the competitions and demonstrations of this last tradition -which is also culture and sport- different elements are incorporated: from a striking costume, which is almost an independent art, to traditional music and delicious food: which includes carnitas - an important ingredient of las tortas ahogadas.

It is also the cultural and commercial center of western Mexico. Since its founding, when it was known as the Nueva Galicia, Guadalajara has always been a nerve point for the area, which is why it is also recognized with the name of the Pearl of the West.

Due to the strength of its economy and its quality of life, this cosmopolitan city is considered the second most important in Mexico. It is distinguished by its authentic colonial architecture, where each historic building speaks through its murals to remind us of the social, political, and economic transformation of our country.

JW Marriott, the most luxurious hotel in Guadalajara was inaugurated in April 2022: which is part of Marriott International’s luxury portfolio and consists of beautiful properties and distinctive resort locations around the world. Today there are more than 100 JW Marriott hotels in over 25 countries and territories. These elegant hotels cater to sophisticated, self-assured travelers seeking The JW Treatment® – the brand’s philosophy that true luxury is created by people who are passionate about what they do. JW hotels offer crafted experiences that bring to life the brand’s commitment to highly choreographed, anticipatory service and modern residential design, allowing guests to pursue their passions and leave even more fulfilled than when they arrived.

What makes JW Marriot unique is :

  • Dramatic and distinctive architectural and interior features.
  • Spacious guest rooms with luxurious appointments & amenities.
  • Zibu Restaurant and Agave Bar that offer unique and imaginative dining experiences.
  • Fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment and pampering spa-like environments.
  • Concierge Library and Meeting Rooms with 24-hour access offering an environment conducive for work or meetings and a full spectrum of business services.
  • Oversized residential-like JW Executive Lounge offering a relaxing environment and superior food and beverage services. Restricted Access for Executive Rooms, Suites, and upper levels Bonvoy Members.
  • Large complement of staff poised to assist as needed.
  • Enhanced access to services so that guests can work and live on their preferred schedule.


An exquisite and artistic balance between well-known Mexican traditions and JW Marriott’s design philosophy combined resulted in an elegant luxury hotel full of local heritage.  The hotel design was inspired by the charrería and tequila culture, a UNESCO´s heritage and a tradition from Guadalajara, and the Charro’s seductive riding skills as well as the art of spinning the rope in an organic performance gave the designers most of their inspirational elements. The interior design is from “Arquitectura de Interiores”, a local interior design firm, led by Marisa Gómez, which has been involved in many prestigious luxury hotel projects all over the world.


The Charro’s universe, haciendas, and agave landscape have been the base for the interior design, creating a new geometry, textures, and shapes in a sophisticated atmosphere. The minibar cabinets doors made of Tzalam, a local wood, evoking the interesting geometric lines from the agave plant after being trimmed to give birth to the tequila as well and the rugs design represent the organic patterns and color scheme from the nearby rich land where the arena is. The exquisite Charro suits brings us the embroider leathers, softy contrasted with silver accessories complemented with an artwork of a spinning rope silhouette by the local artist Gonzalo Lebrija, exhibited in every guestroom, accompanied by exquisite charro culture photography from another local artist, Ines Magaña, in all guestroom’s corridors and public areas.

Façade / Lobby

The first thing people notice when entering the motor lobby of the MIL500 complex, where the hotel is located is a monumental artwork from the international well known artist Jorge Mendez Blake, as 2 building facades have an intense dialogue between them including language in neutral, cruder state so that it is the visitor the one who begins to make words. At the hotel lobby the unique piece “Limites de lo posible” (Limits of possible) by José Dávila is a rock art sculpture that welcomes you.

JW Marriott Guadalajara epitomizes approachable luxury, and the public spaces are intentionally designed to invite warm conversation and convivial gathering.  When entering the lobby, you find that soft rich marble flooring tones create the patterns, and a stunning selection of quartz slabs that enhances the modern fireplace.  The agave geometrical patterns by Gonzalo Lebrija  are the inspiration for the welcome desk counter as well as the main lobby art mural, covered in gold leaves by artist Marco Esparza.

The wooden ceiling panels pick up the organic wave shapes from spinning the rope, a contemporary way to honor this deep and classic Mexican charro and hacienda tradition along with the serene and cultivated JW brand design philosophy. From the bookstore setting of its library, offering a curated selection of books and singular objects representing the local artistic influences, to our Lobby Lounge you will find the local heritage embedded all over this property.

Wellness and sustainability

JW Marriott Guadalajara uses the wellness concept that can be seen represented in the lobby with the 4 elements:  the water in the fountain that is at the entrance, the earth with the work of art by José Dávila , the air through the terrace, and the fire with the fireplace located in lobby. Also is a hotel concerned about sustainability, one example is that the decoration does not use flowers, to prevent them from being cut.


The hotel is located in the financial area of the city , 6 km from Expo Guadalajara,  25 km from Miguel Hidalgo and Costilla International Airport and close to the shopping malls: Midtown, Andares, Landmark and Punto Sao Paulo.


The hotel has 191  deluxe rooms and 21 Suites, including the Presidential Suite. Presidential Suite (5,382 sq.ft) with master bedroom, dining/sitting room, bar, kitchenette, 2.5-bathroom, 3 TV (65”), piano, ample terrace, private swimming pool.  The rooms have among their amenities, ceramic mugs by the artist José Noé Suro.

THE POOL & JW fitness center

The hotel has an urban pool, located on the 14th floor, is designed with overall wellness in mind. Though designed primarily for lap swimming, the area can be activated as a social space. Indoor and outdoor spaces blend seamlessly and offer dedicated lounge seating for quiet or convivial moments.  Natural light and unobstructed views create a deep connection to the environment. The pool is located adjacent to the gym, to form a cohesive wellness program sharing social areas and outdoor spaces.

THE JW executive lounge

The Executive Lounge is where the hotel showcases F&B excellence to its most valued guests. A dining room (with an area dedicated to cafe/ Grab & Go service) takes center stage, with day-to-night transitions in offerings and ambiance. Dedicated spaces to work and lounge round out the spaces of the Executive Lounge as we embrace the most important guests in our Marriott Bonvoy loyalty program.


JW offers a meeting space: BOARD ROOMS. Located on the 2nd floor with 2 boardrooms, the  size is  44 m2, flexible  conference space with natural light and a 55-inch LED TV.

MEETING ROOMS. Located on the 2nd floor, there are 2 rooms with 175 m2 divisible in 2 sections (40/60), 93 m2 divisible in 2 sections (50/50),  flexible conference Space and natural light.


This Restaurant emerges from a fascinating past, from the encounter between Asia and Mexico through the Galleon of Manila, a ship loaded with great treasures such as silks, porcelains, jewels, and the precious spices that have enhanced the cuisine of Mexico and the world. Zibu Guadalajara, created by the famous Mexican Chef Eduardo Palazuelos, rescues this story, and takes it one step further by creating an intriguing gastronomic concept: the Mex-Thai cuisine, which fuses Thai cuisine with Mexican to produce a unique menu and to remind and pay tribute to those who contributed to this exchange of flavors. Today you can delight yourself with irresistible delicacies that mix the spicy, the acid, the sweet and the salty, gastronomic sensations that you will love to feel and taste.


The unique atmosphere of the JW Marriott Guadalajara, the art of a bar in the midst of the maelstrom of the city, is the perfect setting to present AGAVE BAR, a concept of artisanal drinks, with the unique flavors of tequilas and mezcales of the region. The syrups are part of the creation of the unique experience, the terrace complementing the atmosphere of a contemporary Mexico, will awaken each of the senses in a exclusive and sophisticated environment.

JW Marriott Guadalajara is the best option for the most demanding guests who seek inspiration, art, beauty, luxury, comfort on their business or family trips, but above all to live the experience of feeling that they are staying in a hotel that evokes all the symbols of Mexico: Tequila, the charreria, because Jalisco is Mexico.