Under the Sea with Zula Studio, AMCONYC

New York Fashion Week SS18
Zula Studio, DDDcollection, AMCONYC NYFWSS18

Fashion has no gender, no genre, and no identity. It comes from the artistic form of inspiration, where beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

You always look forward to what Fashion Week in New York City has in store. This year, New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer '18 at AMCONYC, has brought in designers that made you take notes; you are not just watching clothes. This time it was more in depth of what lies beneath the story of the detailed fabric, to the color contrast, to the fit, and movement of how the materials were designed, and to knowing that you can either add to your personal wardrobe or give your personal style a new statement collection.

"The Little Mermaid", the original Disney movie, gave us as children a very magical and beautiful image of what under the sea looks like. For designer Zula Khramov, creator of Zula Studio, she saw fashion under the sea.

Khraove launched Zula Studio, her company, in 2007. She is known for making headlines by winning competitions such as GenArt Fresh Faces in Fashion Miami '07, and the Nolcha Fashion Week in 2012. She has been featured in top magazines such as Vogue, Lucky, Mode, Socialite, and Prolific.

Her collection, DDD: Divine Destruct and Decay Collection, comes from the idea of "ancient civilization buried in the ocean," she said.

"All that used to be beautiful slowly wasting away in the silence and indifference, changing into the next form of perfection," she said. She makes this collection even more artistically fashionable and edgy by making her pieces unisex, bringing men's fashion this year into her new collection. As models walked the runway, you saw the fabric move like the waves of the sea, the colorful beaded jewels, the sea monster designs that made cut-outs and see-through transparent shapes that maintained a very sexy yet tasteful glamour with a splash of edge to it.

To find out more about Zula Studio or to order a customized dress or buy her statement pieces, go to her website and follow her on instagram @ZulaStudios.

AMCONYC always gives opportunity to emerging designers from all over the world, providing them with a platform to showcase their talents and vision during New York Fashion Week. As the years are quickly passing by, New York Fashion Week is making lots of changes, shrinking the doors for designers who dream of showcasing their collections, to not allowing all press to enter, and making it a more intimate showcase just for buyers, top A-list celebrities,  famous high-end press, and top designers. But AMCONYC does not settle for the common changes. It will continue to connect with many talents, and it will continue to explore what is unknown and undiscussed. When it comes to knowing who is the new unknown designer making headlines, AMCONYC is the place to be and stay connected. Go to the AMCONYC website to learn more.

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    Zula Studio, DDD Collection, Amconyc NewYorkFashionweek2018

  • Zula

    Zula Studio; DDD Collection, AMCONYC New York Fashion week SS2018

  • Zula

    Zula Studio; DDDcollection, AMCONYC, NYFWSS18

  • Zula

    Divine Destruction & Decay Collection, Zula Studio

  • Zula

    Unisex; DDD Colection, Zula Studios, AMCONYC NYFWSS18